For all the things that were written aforetime were written for our instruction, that through our endurance and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope.

 ~Romans 15:4~ 


 **Note - It is hard for us to divide ancient history or other subjects as if they should be taught separately from the Bible. However, because we need organization as well, we have created this page to place some of our items. But there are items placed elsewhere on our site with our other units. Use the mini index below to find what you need. Again, use this page and the index to help you navigate our site  for other Bible based notebook pages or minibooks.

 Index for linking:

Ancient Civilizations - Minibooks on Tyrian Purple, Nineveh, Kings of Assyria, Jonah, King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, Tower of Babel Notebook Page, 

Amber Freezing Gold - Copy Psalm 104:4 verse, 

Carnivorous Plants - Parable of the Sower and the Seed

Fall Season - Notebook Page and Copywork page for Genesis 8:22 about seasons,


Creation To The Flood


Days of Creation Layered Book  


      Download days of creation layered book here.


Adam and Eve - The First Man and Woman


 Download Adam and Eve Match books here.


Cain and Abel 


Download Cain and Abel Two Tab lift down book here.


The Flood

Download Flood Circle Graph here.

Almost all ancient civilizations have a story of survival by their ancestors and share details like:

1. Destruction by water;

2. A handful of righteous survivors

3. Preserved in a vessel

4. Animals spared

5. Divine Warning given

6. Sacrifice of Thanksgiving


 Click here to a site that compare similarities on the flood among civilizations around the world. Use the circle graph to lightly color in the similarities. 


The Flood to the Deliverance from Egypt 

Tower of Babel  

10 Plagues

This 10 flap book is really one book, but I uploaded in two parts because sometimes I used only the pics of the plagues if I am doing notebooking with the older kids. If you want to do the book as it is here, then download both the cover and the inside.



    Cover-10 Plagues                       10 Plagues inside


Deliverance from Egypt to Israel's First King 



 Israel's First King to Captivity in Babylon

Captivity in Babylon to Rebuilding of Jerusalem's Walls


 Daniel Copywork Page              Queen Esther Notebook Page       



Various Topics -

From God's creative works to the human body will be included in this section

  Human Body

  Human Body Cover 



        Bible Pocket                                  Pink Scripture Pocket


 Pocketful of Blessings  

This can be used for an obedience lapbook or notebook page. There is one blank card for your child to write one scripture.

Pocketful of Blessings 


Lord's Evening Meal


 Lord's Evening Meal Cover



  Wine mini book                     Bread mini book



 God is the Great Rainmaker!                  Who has storehouses of snow & hail?





        Bible Cover 1                                                           Bible Cover 2


Minibook about the armor of God  

      Complete armor of God



 Consider the Lilies - Plants of the Bible Lapbook

Picture of one possible layout of books - letter size file folder



  Cover for front of lapbook or page dividers for notebook pages.



 Download 3 Covers here. Use one or combination of all of them to decorate flaps of front cover or some other place in your lapbook or notebook.


 Dnload here. How are plants used in the BibleOlive Tree




 Download here. The flower pot has memory work, copywork (second picture) for Consider the Lilies of the Field. Also in this download are vocabulary words (irrigate, plowing, muzzle,etc)  associated with gardening or agriculture in Bible times. Store pieces in flower pot pocket. Only three vocabulary words are pictured here, but there are nine all together in this download.



 Download here. Bible Plants that are bitter, poisonous and sweet. Use the pictures given in this download or add your own info. 



 Download here. The above 6 mini books along with facts for the inside of your mini books. The plants are Capers, Almond, Mallow, Cumin, Mandrake and Date Palm. Add your own facts and Bible research on these plants or use the ones available in this download.





                  Yearly Bible Reading


 Check off Yearly Bible Reading


One of our year end parties was a Bible character party. Most of the moms either sewed or put together these outfits. Walmart has a pattern  Several of our girls were Pharoah's daughter...LOL.... We have Miriam holding the basket of Moses. We have an Israelite on a journey and an Aaron with his staff. We have two King Solomons  and one King David with the crowns. Can you see the Sarah in the background with the grey wig? She has the blue drape over her head. So creative by one of the moms.




 My oldest in the red was King Solomon, the middle guy with the beard is King Ahasuerus from Esther and the youngest is King David. The costumes were sewn using McCall's Easy to Sew Pattern 2340 from Walmart. The green cape on my youngest was an old velvet green The rest of the material was all bought at Walmart.


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