Ancient Civilizations


 To be ignorant of the past is to remain a child. (paraphrase from an observation by Cicero )

 History is one of our very favorite subjects. I'm sure you can tell by what we upload, that we enjoy it.  To help you get the best use of this page as it grows, we want to explain how it is developed. It is divided up by area or country. As with a lot of ancient civilizations, some disappeared, others emerged. Civilizations intermarried so you can see where it might get complicated. But where possible, we like simple--so we will try to keep the topics divided up by area.

Obviously the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia will hold a majority of the events taking place at this time. So we have started by adding our pages that we use as dividers in our notebook or as cover sheets on the front/back of our lapbooks. Please feel free to use them anyway you would like.



 Look here on our Bible Page for a layered book for the Days of Creation depending on where you want to start with your study of history.


 Study of History


What is History & What is Archaeology Two Tab book





  Mesopotamia Cover/Divider



Hammurabi of Babylon flip book        Sargon of Akkadia flip book


                                                     THE INDUS VALLEY

                   (Modern Day Pakistan)               


Download the Indus Valley Cover here.



Dnload Mohenjo-daro trifold with cover


C h i n a


 Ancient China Cover


History of Silk Leaf Book          Confucius mini book

For the leaf book---fill out book and attach cover (shown here) with brad at stem so that the leaf slides up and down to open.



 Shang Warrior Four flap book     Shang Script Flip book



       Food of Ancient China 


Notebook Pages 



     Layout 1                      Layout 2                   Layout 3


Ancient China - Squiddo Lens by Jimmie and lots of wonderful links for printables to continue your study of Ancient China. Very well done!



(modern day Lebanon)


Ancient Phoenicia Cover Page/Divider


    Phoenician Sailors         Murex shellfish - purple dye  



   Glass Blowing mini book      Ancient Ports of Phoenicia   


   For our free lapbook on Glass Blowing -  Click here.



  (modern day Iraq or northern part of Mesopotamia)


    Cover Page  

   At Nahum 2:11, the Bible calls Assyria's capital Nineveh, the "lair of the lion".


    Assyria's Laws, Literature and Culture


 Kings of Assyria- Shamshi Adad                              Jonah's Warning to

 Sennacherib & Ashurbanipal                                                     Nineveh




  Cover Page  



King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream   Hanging Gardens of Babylon

{Note if you want the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World go to our Ancient Greece Lapbook here}


 Notebooking Pages 


    Tower of Babel                                                Layout 1






(Please note: For this section as is the same for most of our units, we have more than enough printables to make one or more lapbooks. Here is our lapbook: Famous Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt. There are more printables for another unit below this lapbook.



Picture of Layout for Famous Pharaohs and Queens



       Covers/Coloring Pages/Decorating Pieces    



 Ancient Egypt Cover           Dnload here pieces to decorate front  


                Queen Coloring Page                 


 King Tut Coloring Page                               Queen Cleopatra Coloring Page


           Land of the Pharaohs Map Download here.               

 Download Famous Queens mini book here. (Note: This download includes three minibooks, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra VII and Hatshepsut. It also includes the label or caption shown above Nefertiti to glue to your page or flap. Too, you can write your own facts or use the facts given in this download also that look like the picture below. Glue the facts given inside your minibook. Note: The picture below is for the facts glued inside the Famous Pharaohs mini books, but the facts for inside the mini books for Queens looks the same.           


 Download Famous Pharaohs mini book here. (Note: This download includes three minibooks, Menes, King Tutankhamen and Ramses II. It also includes the label or caption shown above Menes to glue to your page or flap. Too, you can write your own facts or use the facts given in this download that look like the picture above Mene.  


Crook/Flail                                                              Atef


 Hedjet/Deshret                                           Sphinx

  Download here the Symbols of Power. 4 minibooks in this download pictured above. The Crook/Flail, Atef, Hedjet/Deshret, Sphinx and the caption "Symbols Of Power" are in this download.


   Cuneiform & Hieroglyph mini book



 Scarabs mini book                         Egyptian Gods mini book 



 Old, Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt trifold     

Egyptian Life  - 5 mini match books . Cut out as one unit or use individually as you need them.



Mummy mini flip book                                Pyramids of Egypt



      Hatshepsut Fact Card                                        King Tut

     Two choices here:

 Fact Card with lines

 Fact Card withOUT lines 


Animals of Africa

 Thank you to St Aidens Homeschool in South Africa!

Be sure to check out her wonderful site!



    7 pg. Facts & notebook pgs.       8 pg. Facts & notebook pgs.


 Notebooking Pages  


   Layout 1 - lines                           Layout 1 - no lines                          Layout 2


  Layout  3                                  Layout 4                                       Layout 5


Geography/Culture/Home/Tribe of Africa Notebook Pages

Thank you St Aidens Homeschool of South Africa!



55 pgs Blank Maps b/w   16 pgs with color       14 pgs with color


Although this book, Famous Figures of Ancient Times by Cathy Diez-Luckie is not free, it certainly is worth the investment if your children learn well by hands on activities. The book has ancient history figures or paper dolls that move and compliment the study of Ancient Civilizations and we are thrilled to use it in our study of Ancient Civilizations.

Here is a picture and download of Narmer of Ancient Egypt for you to sample. (By permission of Cathy Diez-Luckie).

 Copyright Figures In Motion. Here is the link to her site, Figures in Motion.

 Download movable figure Narmer here.


 Favorite Links for Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Lapbook - Squiddo Lens by Jimmie and lots of wonderful links for printables to continue your study of Ancient Egypt. Very well done!






          {Because Greece is going to be such a big unit, we have now devoted a whole page here on our site to this one Ancient Civilization.

 Click here to go there} 




 Important: Please note that we are sensitive to each homeschooling family's right to teach about the mythical gods or not. This unit does include the gods that influenced the Romans which of course were the ones they adopted from the Greeks. In our very humble opinion we feel that the gods played an important part of the Romans everyday life and it enriches our learning to understand their view of them, but not necessarily study their gods. 

In addition, we are/have been very careful not to include pictures of nudity. We know in history and art this has always been around but since our children use this site too, we prefer you as the parent judge whether you want your child to view that in the name of history or art.

Since we prefer our children to not view them, nudity among the gods is not used and/or won't be used in any of our units. We have tried very tastefully to choose appropriate images.


 Rome Lapbook Layout picture

This is a letter size folder to help you in placement of the mini books

   Left flap                       Middle                      Right flap



  Ancient Rome Cover/Divider



 Dnload Mini Calendar Here                                        Dnload Founding of Room here



Dnload Label the Soldier                                       Dnload All Roads Lead to Rome   



 Download here - includes the pocket above and 12 mini fact god cards. We focused on learning/understanding the chief gods of the Greek which were essentially the same chief gods of the Romans. The fact cards ask for their Roman and Greek name. And of course an answer key is provided





 Download 3 minibooks on the Punic Wars.

Note these three mini books can be filled in by your child or you can use the information we provide. Both options come in this one download. 

Download here 3 Tab book on the three Roman Time Periods.


Notebook and/or Decoration pages


 Rome Layout 1 (For Decorating)Rome Layout 2 ( For Decorating)


Rome Layout 3 (Notebook Pg)         Rome Layout 4 (Notebook Pg)

On Rome Fashion                       On Brennus of Celtics invading Rome


Rome Layout 5 (Notebook Page)  Rome Layout 6 (Notebook Page)

On Carthaginian Fighters              On Hannibal and Crossing the Alps


A nifty time line we like:



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